Bea for Me


Falling in love is a matter of chance, I suppose; I fell in love with writing, fashion and cake when I was young and it led me to write a blog, about exactly that.

A gift that keeps its shine for years to come.

It’s the 7th February, great, you know what that means – No not that it’s one week til valentines. Yup, it means I missed my January posts, (sincerest apologies, ever declining readership!) a month that was filled with flu and rain, swept away chance to get back to Beaforme. Hello February, although another month filled with rain, it beams with happiness that we made it through January – through the month of being penniless, and passing on the cake and chocolate with the inevitable ‘I’m being good this month’… Well, not anymore – Hello February!

As I didn’t blog over Christmas (a word that seems ever such a stranger now) I thought I would share with you some of the beautiful gifts I was given from friends and family and have been enjoying with pride! This year, as with every year, I reflect upon what I’d like to achieve – things I could do better at, and goals that I need to set myself for the 12months that are rumbling ahead, so here we are:

1. Read more
2. Write more (Note to self: must do better)
3. Travel Further
4. Achieve Higher

On a lighter note…
1. Decorate my own room (those of you who know me well will know that this is a BIG deal)
2. Save more & Invest more… As my tiny mummy would always tell me, she would much rather me spend my money on investing on good quality things – this in my eyes being permission to buy more clarks shoes right? Because everyone trusts Clarks, especially moi!
3. Only do what makes me happy. Like watching new girl season three online (sorry gang, I did it again, I just can’t wait for it!’

Enjoy the photo’s happy coo-ing
Bea x

Resolution 1. Read more… Apparently this was something everyone else was keen on too. From love poems, to a recipe book filled with delicious foods, to an autobiography or even the classic ‘Fairytale’ - it’s true, 2014 I will be reading more, and I can’t wait!

AND, just look at their lovely colours, as if books couldn’t be more desirable?

… And for a lighter read, but equally educational, and totally moorish, a 1 year subscription complete with collectors edition covers, bliss. x

Numero uno, THE slippers, as a sheer surprise I was given these on christmas day from my very special fella…. have been taken with me everywhere ever since.

Oh, P.S he topped it off with these gorgeous bunny socks… Sometimes I forget i’m wearing them and out they come from my shoes, and life is good again!

Big spoon, little spoon - what more could you want then these beautiful embossed spoons, one from my Mummy (left) for my porridge, and the other from my best friend Rosie (right) for my tea. Mornings = Happy Days!

Another winner from Chlo - bunnies, on a pink pillow, and they’re kissing, it’s literally almost too much for me to handle!

From my big sister - because every Bea needs a busy bee notebook, of which I have many a lovely musings already written in!

Through the looking glass

George Clooney, Roger Moore, Hugh grant. I’m 99% sure that one of such is in the list of your mums favourite men — take mr Clooney for example, I never quite understood the phrase ‘he grows old gracefully’ or the ‘now he is older he is much better looking’, until David.   Beckham over the years has changed, along with his hair that in a photo montage would represent the scene in sleeping beauty of her flash changing dress, has become far more beautiful, and is closely regarded now as Britian’s ‘most desirable men’ as stated in the daily telegraph.  
As a young girl and indeed teen , my sisters and I never phased through pinning up photos of our favourite boyband or dreamboat idol, and instead opted for a large photo of a flowers from IKEA and for me the simple thought of seeing a fairy sent me into a whirl of excitement.

  Now, it seems quite the contrary - I would jump at the chance of having an 8ft poster of Mr Beckham in our house and closely considered asking a H&M staff member “once your finished with that advertising, do you mind if I have it?”.  If you are one to know me well, you’d know that over the years where he has been growing old ‘gracefully’ as my mum would word it,  I have developed quite a fondness for his sleek hair, crinkled eyes and impeccable dress sense. 

I’ll be truly honest here, I wrote this piece a couple of months ago one evening on my phone and it remained unfinished for a long while - after looking back at it I can see my initial thoughts but couldn’t see the direction I was really choosing to take it.  It’s a funny thing really, ‘fame’, or being an idol; how so many of us use the phrases ‘oh I love her’ or ‘they are my favourite person’, and yet it seems so silly that we put our trust and adoration into someone that we don’t actually know atall.

Last year I used to travel into London to study at college and so often you would walk past the same familiar faces on your commute and occasionally I would find myself turning back to look at someone with the thought in mind ‘I’m sure I have seen him… is he famous’.  Numerous times I would return home and tap into The Daily Mail on my laptop and see someone famous had been somewhere I had visited that day; at this point im not embarrassed to mention, at the times where the posh pre-recorded woman would announce that the 15.20 train to Bedford was delayed by approximately 25 minutes, I would end up in a dase imagining if someone famous were to come along and stand beside me that I would act totally cool and nonchalant and chat away to them like ‘I don’t know who you are’, when the stark reality would be I am sure, that I would do some nervous tickle of laughter, ask if they really were who they most clearly  were and more than likely feel hot and clammy!  But what amazes me is, that someone you don’t know, someone you have only seen in photographs, or heard on the radio can have such an affect?  

Despite Mr DB’s footballing career turning to a close, I along with a large proportion of the country I am certain, are rather looking forward to what else he has to offer - more fashion collaborations, modelling shoots and fine fragrances? Who knows, but according to delightful photographs on the Daily Mail (guilty, again!) He has a fine new hair cut and is donning sleeve garters then yes please! … What? I am just making up for lost time of being a squealing girl in the crowd at lets face it, some rather fantastic looking fellows. 

A true friend doesn’t have to be in your life everyday - just one that you know is a letter away no matter how much distance or time passes.

It’s officially 8 minutes until midnight; 8 minutes until the last day of the year 2013 (or at least, it is as I write this sentence, but maybe not by the last) and it’s occurred to me that for quite some time now, my little blog has taken a backseat on my life - on a year that has been quite tough at times - having had its beautiful highs and occasional and inevitable lows, I feel somewhat sad that I didn’t make more of it all.  It only tiptoed to the forefront of my mind when after having been out on a fresh Sunday walk (twinkly frost and cool blue sky type morning thang) when I’d papped a few tiny details from the adventure, that Maddie said ‘I hope i’ll see a blog about this all’ that it transpired to me:  what use was it photographing those pretty elements of the morning along the muddy fields if it all wasn’t in aid for Beaforme atall? I asked myself, what use is it if im not blogging about such ramblings as I once would have done three years ago… (yep, got that in there BeaForMe turned 3 this christmas!!) So here I am.  Bonjour.

At a time where I’m propped up in bed reflecting on a christmas surrounded by all my favourite people, sitting in my Grandad PJ’s and cosy new slippers (thanks to the delightful bearded man in my life) a tummy full of birthday eve dinner and fake tan that will probably bring out a slightly more orange than tan complection in my skin tomorrow, ready to toast in the new year - I feel like it seems all rather fitting to make sure that I say a little something before the year makes itself a thing of our past.

As it now approaches almost 8 minutes past the hour, and 8 minutes into the new day and the eve of 2014, i’ll make a little promise to you (whoever ‘you’ may be; a passerby, an old friend, or dear friend who reads this in bed with a cup of tea) that this year, ill make a vow to be better to BeaForMe - terrible spelling, waffling posts and all! As it has been for the past three years, ill make sure there will be a new years poem, if you’ll have me…

Although this post isn’t all that related to the photo’s I took on Sunday, I’m not sure it matters all too much - as I think the loveliness in each of these speaks more than any words I could say, and therefore ill leave it more as a symbolism - a way of saying with reference to The Holiday (as per)as in the scene Amanda cries in the back of her taxi away from Rose Hill Cottage (and to be said in a deep gruff american voice for those who know it as well as I do)

Beaforme - welcome back.  (Que electric guitar)

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